Media | Replacement PartsOrder #MSRP
Anti-Adhesive Spray GM670004 $38.85
Sealing Blade FE385654 $43.67
Seal Blade Seat
S02A0310 $158.93
Blade Seat Holder S02A0316 $294.00
Seal Clamp/Piston Kit (CENTER) S0K00306 $117.85
Seal Clamp/Piston Kit (REAR) S0K00302 $75.21
Seal Clamp/Piston Kit (FRONT) S0K00301 $75.21
Microperforator S03A0606 $27.58
Microperforator With Needles S03A0605 $52.52
Teflon Tape (10YRD ROLL) KR991000 $33.32
White Neoprene FM350023 $69.63
ChainTunnel FM100017 $202.07
Chain Roller Tunnel AS250047 $23.00
Chain Fastening Roller Tunnel AS250052 $29.30
Bearing Support Tunnel FM610710 $77.48
Sprocket Wheel KR090023 $75.00
Sprocket Bushing FM340016 $25.00
Sprocket Tunnel Inlet FM260042 $40.36
Anti-Friction Bushing 10x12 (order with FM540016) FM540008 $6.47
Conveyor Shaft Sleeve 14x12 (order with FM540008) FM540016 $7.76
Shaft Transmission Tunnel FM010002 $61.00
Belt Transmission Shaft Tunnel FM010028 $94.00
Tunnel Gear Box 1:40 (Media/Tunnel 50) FM760023 $805.97
Motor Conveyor Tunnel FE240080 $512.00
Conveyor Belt Motor Shaft FM010029 $89.26
Heating Element Round (208V) FE380019 $192.00
Thermocouple FE435004 $105.00
Keysheet FM110144 $53.00
Conrtol Board FE120363 $650.00
Main Power On/Off Switch FE080001 131.20 
Safety Microswitch FE220133 $57.30
Power Board FE120353 $820.00


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