Galaxy | Replacement PartsOrder #MSRP
Sealing Blade  FE385654 $43.67
Teflon Tape (10yd Roll) KR991000 $33.32
Ceramic Sealing Blade Holder (previously FM050119)
order 2 pieces and cut to 18 5/8" 
FM050118 $55.73/ea
Blade Holder Frame (front/side) KR280021 $346.00
Neoprene Rubber FM350009 $34.63
Blade Center Clamp P0K00350 $78.00
Lid Kit - (above Serial# 1451) KR280018 $850.00
Torsion Bar FM170009 $59.00
Heating Kit (previously FE381153 and FE381154) KR280E11 $537.00
Heater Safety Thermostat S0K01210 $51.29 
Heater Thermocouple FE435011 $84.55
Shrink Fan KR260001 $92.84
Fan Motor 115V FE241022 $337.14
Glass Wool Pane FM195109 $15.00
Control Board FE120263 $637.00
Power Board FE120382 $1200.00
Control Board Keypad FE120605 $355.00
Food Grade Anti-Adhesive Spray GM670004 $38.85
Plate/Plug for Piston Housing FM340505 $9.35
Piston Kit P0K00309 $47.28


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