RP 85

RP 85 | Replacement PartsOrder #MSRP
Sealing Blade FE385603 $65.99
Teflon Tape (10yd Roll) KR991000 $37.31
Neoprene Rubber (Pre-Cut) FM350010 $71.10
Sealing Blade Seat S03A0310 $213.10
Blade Seat Holders S03A0319 $508.11
Blade Center Clamp S03A0306 $161.58
Torsion Bar FM170003 $77.25
Heating Element w/ Thermocouple (Right) Replaces KR310D02 KR310D01 $687.38
Heating Element w/ Thermocouple (Left) Replaces KR50D04 KR350D02 $692.41
Safety Thermostat FE430006 $93.08
Shrink Fan S0K01110 $191.32
Fan Kit (up to serial #4625) S0K01121 $126.97
Fan Kit (from serial #4626) S0K01115 $246.40
Glass Wool Panel FM195115 $18.03
Control Board FE120261 $554.40
Power Board FE120262 $1,089.76
Control Board Keypad FE120601 $275.52
Food Grade Anti-Adhesive Spray GM670004 $43.51


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