Pratika 56 MPS/ Painted/ Inox/ Reverse (from SN 1782)


DescriptionOrder #MSRP
Rubber Kit (Long + Short Side) KR230002 $222.70
Teflon Kit (Long + Short Side) KR210001 $128.40
Sealing Blade FE385618 $477.79
Rubber Strip (thin film application) KR990685 $128.40
Shorter Heating Element FE380054 $191.32
Longer Heating Element FE380053 $191.97
Shorter Thermocouple FE435002 $40.41
Longer Thermocouple FE435001 $45.27
Infeed GearMotor FE250058 $951.70
Outfeed GearMotor FE250053 $929.80
Infeed/Outfeed Belt FM710359 $805.30
Door Security Switch FE220122 $90.41
Security Switch Key FE220123 $24.85


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