MVS 630R


MVS 630R | Replacement PartsOrder #MSRP
Oil (100m³/h Pump): Vacuum Oil (3 Qts-15wt.) For 115V & Cold Rooms BU831908 $60.79 per/qt
Oil (100m³/h Pump): Vacuum Oil (3 Qts-30wt.) For 220V & 56°F Plus BU831035 $21.85 per/qt
Oil (100m³/h Pump): Flushing Oil (3 Qts-15wt.) BU831498 $65.67 per/qt
Oil (100m³/h Pump): Exhaust Filter with Plunger BU532157 $159.44 per/fil
Oil (100m³/h Pump): Oil Filter (1 Filter) BU531002 $55.59 per/fil
3-Yard Roll: Flat sealing wire (5mm x 3yd)
HM03YD20 $58.74
3-Yard Roll: Bag Trimming Wire (.9mm x 3 yd) HM03YD14 $37.63
3-Yard Roll: Convex Sealing Wire (3.5mm X 3 yd) HM03YD00 $94.19
3-Yard Roll: Bag Trimming Wire (1.1mm x 3 yd) HM03YD10 $41.16
10-Yard Roll: Flat Sealing Wire (5mm x 10 yd) HM10YD20 $195.80
10-Yard Roll: Bag Trimming Wire (.9mm x 10 yd) HM10YD14 $127.01
10-Yard Roll: Convex Sealing Wire (3.5mm x 10 yd) HM10YD00 $163.46
10-Yard Roll: Bag Trimming Wire (1.1mm x 10 yd) HM10YD10 $137.59
10-Yard Roll: Seal Bar Teflon Cover Tape  KR990999 $65.02
10-Yard Roll: Seal Wire Insulator Tape  KR990998 $85.19


MVS 630R | Unique Replacement PartsOrder #MSRP
Lid Gasket - Wide V8300402 $100.77
Lid Gasket - Narrow V8301502 $100.77
Lid Spring V8310311 $308.00
Standard Seal Bar - Left End Cap HM900174 $29.73
Standard Seal Bar - Right End Cap HM900176 $29.73
Seal Bar Assembly V6310512 $214.14
Seal Bag V6310106 $211.56
Seal Silicone Strip - Quantity Required: 4 V8300302 $47.53
Seal Valve V8300102 $221.76
Softair Valve V6300103 $205.33
Devac Valve V8300104 $321.69
Vacuum Valve V6300105 $1,163.56
Main Power Switch V8300601 $154.02
ON/OFF Switch V8300602 $16.43
Overload Breaker V8300603 $190.98
Fan Contactor V8300606 $65.71
Seal Contactor V8300607 $108.15
Pump Contactor V8300608 $159.96
Seal Transformer V8300609 $1,095.11
Control Transformer V8300610 $267.64
Power Board V8300613 $314.84
Control Board V8300614 $287.47
Emergency Switch V8300615 $13.03
Lid Proximity Switch V8300616 $98.22


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