Why does the machine have a strong oil smell?

If you are noticing a strong oil smell, there are numerous possiblities:

  1. Power/Voltage
    What is the power in your building?
    What is the voltage of your machine?

    Operating the machine with the wrong voltage can damage motor and pump. Contact a qualified technician or electrician to fill out the Power Chart Form ยป and compare it to the machine's voltage. You can find the voltage on the serial plate on the back side of the machine.

  2. Pump Oil
    What type of pump oil is in your machine?
    What is the room temperature where the machine is being operated?

    Your pump may overheat if operated with lighter oil in higher temperature environments. A strong oil smell would be a sign for it. If this is the case, you have to change the oil and replace the oil filter.

  3. Machine Level
    The machine can only run properly when it is leveled so that the oil can be distrubuted evenly inside.

4. Check Filters

     If filters are not properly installed, it could cause there to be a strong oil smell. 

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