What are the standard operating steps?

1. Turn the machine on with the ON/OFF switch. Heat up the pump with the condition program when machine has
stood idle for some time.

2. Fill the vacuum bag with product. Select the correct format bag that easily fits around the product but is not too
large for the product. Ensure hygienic conditions during this operation. Packaging materials, product and hands
must be clean and if possible dry.

3. Lay the vacuum bag on the working plate. The open side must be laid over the sealing bar or silicone holder. The
bag may however not extrude from the chamber. If the product is a lot lower than the height of the sealing bar or
silicone holder then insert plates which are supplied standard with the machine can be used. This makes the
operation easier and reduces the cycle time.

4. The vacuum bag must be laid without folds over the sealing bar or silicone holder.

5. For a gas flush system the opening of the vacuum bag must be pulled over the gas
nozzles (see illustration).

6. Multiple vacuum bags can be placed over the sealing bar/silicone holder if the
sealing bar/silicone holder is longer than the vacuum bag. Vacuum bags may not
however be laid on top of each other on the bar/holder. If there are multiple bars/holders
then all bars/holders can of course be used during the same cycle.

7. Use the [PROG] key to choose the desired program. See page 17 for instructions about programming.

8. Close the lid and the machine automatically runs through the full cycle of all activated functions. The lid opens
automatically when the last function “ventilation” has been completed.

9. If necessary the cycle can be partially or fully interrupted by pressing the [VACUUM STOP] key or the [STOP] key.
The [VACUUM STOP] key interrupts the active function (vacuum, gas flushing, sealing, or soft-air ventilation) and
automatically continues with the next function.
The [STOP] key interrupts the entire cycle and goes immediately to the ventilation function.

10. After cycle completion, the packed product (or products) can be removed from the machine.

11. If the machine is equipped with a cut-off sealing system then the remaining flap on the vacuum bag can be torn off.

The packing process can be partially or fully interrupted at all times: