What preventative maintenance is recommended?

Clean the vacuum chamber, lid, and housing after use with a damp cloth.
Make sure that no cleaning agents containing solvents are used.
Make sure that no high pressure cleaner is used.

Check the oil level and replace or fill up oil when the oil is turbid or the oil level is too low.
Activate the conditioning program for the pump at least once a week.
Inspect the sealing bar for damage. Replace teflon tape/sealing wire if the seal quality is no longer sufficient or if the teflon tape/sealing wire is no longer tight and straight on the sealing bar.
Inspect the lid gasket and replace it when the gasket is damaged or stretched.

Every Six Months
Replace oil at least once every 6 months. Check lubrication points.

Inspect the oil exhaust filter for saturation. If saturated, replace the filter.


Replace the lid spings.


It is very important to regularly service the pump to ensure extended and correct operation. The following activities are
essential for correct maintenance. If the machine is used regularly then it is advisable to have the pump fully inspected at
least once a year by the supplier to ensure extended and problem free operation. 

Conditioning Program

The conditioning program ensures that the pump is thoroughly rinsed. During the program the pump and oil reaches operation temperature so that the oil can better absorb any moisture and contaminants and filter them. The high
temperature enables any moisture in the pump to evaporate minimising the risk for rust spots.
The program lasts 15 minutes and it is advisable to run it at least once a week.

Turn on the machine, press the key [conditioning program], and close the lid.

conditioning button

The program runs automatically. During the program the large display will display moving lines.
The program can be interrupted at any time using the [STOP] key. It is however important for the sake of good
maintenance that the program completes a full 15 minute cycle and therefore advisable only to interrupt the cycle for
something urgent.
It is also advisable to run the program before using the machine for the first time, after the machine has been stationary
for a lengthy period of time, and especially prior to changing oil.