How do I clear the "oil" code?

One of the service functions is the operation hours counter in order to be able to automatically indicate regular service requirements. This functions sets the number of hours that the pump runs (per 10 hours). Once the number of hours set has been exceeded, the message [OIL] appears on the display. The machine can still be used as usual but the message will keep reappearing on the display.

The factory setting for the program operation hours counter is 500 hours. The following steps can be followed to activate the operation hours counter or to reset it:

Press the FUNCTION SELECT Key for at least 3 seconds.

function select

After 3 seconds the number of operating hours (per 10 hours) will be displayed for about 2 seconds.

After 2 seconds the originally set number of hours will be displayed (per 10 hours).

When the operation hours counter is turned off, the number of operating hours will not be displayed, instead the message [OFF] will immediately appear after pressing the key for 3


The original setting can be modified using the + and – keys (between 0 and 990 hours). If set to 0 then the next time
[OFF] will automatically be displayed. The new settings are stored by using the REPROG Key.

The actual operation hours are then also reset to zero.

After pressing the REPROG key, the control panel automatically switches over to operation mode