Why is my seal bar melting/burning through teflon tape and bags?

The Teflon tape requires periodic replacement, entirely dependent on use. Please check the seal time in all programs. Seal time should be at the minumum setting that will provide adequate sealing of the bag. Lower seal time will lead to longer life for the Teflon tape and sealing wires. If the seal wires have burned through, even if just on a small section, you will need to replace the tape. 

Tip: The seal bar should always be clean and free of any burn marks. Any indication of burn marks means that the tape is starting to wear out and/or from too high of a sealing time. Not replacing the tape in a timely manner will cause other items to start wearing out and being damaged such as the sealing wires and Teflon that sits below the sealing wires. Damaged wires will cause inconsistent seal or no seal at all. 

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