How do I change the seal bar lid cushion?

Tools Needed:

  • Adhesive remover
  • Acetone
  • Paper towel
  • Cloth rag

Note* It is very important to thoroughly clean the surface before replacing the seal bar cushion. Oils accumulate preventing good adhesion to the lid.

Lid Preparation:

  • Remove the old adhesive using cloth rag and adhesive remover until the acrylic lid is clear.
  • Wipe area with a paper towel and acetone. The acetone provides a clean dry surface for the adhesive to stick to.

New Seal Cushion Installation:


  • Remove new cushion adhesive liner.
  • Align the new cushion on the seal bar with the adhesive facing the lid. If a metal track is present on the lid, massage lid cushion into metal track. 
  • Turn on machine. A program number will appear next to a P in the display.
  • Press the S button to show the vacuum percentage. Use arrows to set to 75%.
  • Press the S button twice, until the 3rd LED light is on for the sealing variable.
  • Using the arrows, set the sealing time to 2.0. Press S to save.
  • Close the lid to start the vacuum cycle. At the end of the cycle, check for good adhesion.
  • Firnly press down on the lid cushion by hand

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