What preventive maintenance is recommended?

1. Lid gasket
- Make sure lid gasket and the contact area is clean to ensure proper sealing during vacuum process.
- Particles in the lid gasket area will cause bad contact between the lid and the body.

2. Sealbar
- Make sure the teflon tape is clean with no burn through lines on it to ensure proper sealing of the
- If the Teflon tape has burnt through, replace it immediately to avoid bad sealing on the pouches and
burning the upper red silicone strip.
NOTE: Proper sealing time will produce a waffle pattern on the sealing line of the pouch.
Too high of a sealing time will melt the pouch and burn the Teflon tape sooner.

We recommend a seal time of 1.5-2.0.

3. Oil
- Oil level and oil condition should be checked weekly, and a conditioning cycle should be ran weekly as well.
(Level and condition should be checked before production begins when the machine is cool.)
- If oil is murky, cloudy, has "floaties" or sediments in it, then it must be change immediately.
Contaminated oil can cause pump to be inefficient, sluggish, or even tripping the electrical

- Please see MVS Series Oil Information for further information.

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