How do I change the lid gasket?

Important Notes:

  1. Gasket is shipped at a slightly longer length than needed. A final trimming must be done to ensure proper lid seal.
    See download below for installation procedures.

    Approximate shipping lengths:
    MVS 31X / 31XP = 45 inches
    MVS 41X / 41XP = 73 inches
    MVS 45X / 45XP = 69 inches
    MVS 45XII / 45XPII = 69 inches
    MVS 45LXII / 45LXPII = 69 inches
    MVS 48 / 48DV = 86 inches
    MVS 50X / 50XP = 94 inches
    MVS 65X / 65XP = 108 inches

  2. DO NOT pull or stretch the gasket to ease the installation of the gasket into the groove.
    Gasket will stretch during insertion due to narrowness of the groove in the lid.
    The narrow groove will ensure gasket stays in place.

  3. DO NOT use any kind of powder, lubricant or glue to install the gasket.

Download:  MVS Lid Gasket Installation (pdf) ยป


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