How do I change or adjust the lid micro-switch?


1- Turn off machine and unplug from outlet.
2- Remove left and right tub-to-body retaining screws (left and right side edges of the tub).
3- Lift the tub out of the body and rest the tub on blocks of wood.
BE CAREFUL because tub is heavy and top edges of body is sharp.
4- The micro-switch is at the rear left side of the tub.
5- The microswitch is mounted on a bracket which is held by 2 screws to the body of the tub.
6- Before removing the old microswitch, please observe the height of the switch in reference to the opening
on the mounting hold. This is to determine the engagement distance between the bottom of the lid and
top of the micro-switch.
7- Disconnect the 2 lead connectors and remove the old micro-switch.
8- Install the new micro-switch. Check the engagement distance of the micro-switch. It should engage when
front of the lid is about 2 to 3 inches before closing completely. Adjust the height as necessary.
9- Reconnect the micro-switch connectors, plug machine into power outlet and turn on machine. Close
the lid and make sure the cycle starts when the switch is engaged at 2 to 3 inches before lid closes to the
tub. Readjust microswitch height as necessary.
10- Carefully place tub back into the body and reinstall the tub-to-body retaining screws.


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