How do I remove the tub?

tub removal 1

1. Turn power off and unplug machine.
2. Remove body rear panel and disconnect microswitch
wire at the connectors.
3. Carefully remove left and right shock-to-lid screws
(Lid will rest in the groove)
4. Remove left and right lid hinge screws.
(Top hinge block set screws might have to be loosened to ease hinge
pins removal.)
5. Stand behind machine, while carefully holding and
balancing the lid, remove left and right hinge pins.
6. Carefully lift the lid away from the hinge blocks.
7. Remove left and right body-to-tub screws.

tub removal 2

8. Pull out the sealbars.
9. Pull out the white bushings.
10. Carefully loosen and remove lock nuts.
11. Bladders will drop down.

(Make sure to save the o-rings.)

tub removal 3

12. Carefully lift tub out of body and place
support between tub and body.
13. Loosen hose clamp and slide hose off
14. Remove the hinge blocks from tub.
(Please note the orientation of blocks before removal.)
15. Remove the lid shocks.
(Please note orientation of shocks before removal.)
16. Remove microswitch bracket.
(Please note orientation and height of
microswitch before removal)


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