Why wont the pump turn on?

1. Check oil and filter. Not regularly changing your oil can negatively affect the way in which your pump runs. 

2. Check that safety switches have not been triggered. If you can push in any of the buttons underneath the front right corner of the machine back up, this means one of them has been triggered due to a power issue. 

3. Make sure there is a set value in the vacuum percentage in the program you are using. 

4. If there are lights blinking on your display, more than likely you have programmed gas. Make sure if you are not using inert gas and that the values displayed are 0.

5.Manually press on the micro lid switch on the back of the chamber to see if that is the issue. 

6. Try to recalibrate the machine. 

For technicians-

Check microswitch, contactor, all connector wires, control board, and fuses(both on the control board and at fuse box).

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