What could cause air not to return to the chamber?

If the air is not returning to the chamber at the end of the cycle, please check the following if you are a certified technician or electrician:

1. On the keypad, does the fourth LED light come on when air is supposed to be returning to the chamber?

If no, it is more than likely your control board.

If yes, the possibilities include:

Check the connection from, control board to wire harness.

Check the 2 wires that go to the air release solenoid as they should measure 120V.

If they are not measuring at 120V, control board is more than likely the issue.

If they do measure at 120V, check voltage at the solenoid connector, make sure it measures 120V.

If the voltage at the solenoid connector does not measure 120V, possible bad connector or loose wire.

If the voltage at the solenoid connector measures 120V, check the devac valve solenoid by hot wiring directly with 120V power.

If it engages the valve, the valve is good. 

If it does not engage the valve, the valve and solenoid need to be replaced.


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