What are the recommendations for a Gas Kit?

1. If the machine is not equipped to receive gas and the gas function is programmed, the machine will not work. The gas flush function light will blink continuously until it is reset to zero.
2. Gas or gas mixture must be regulated between 15 to 60 psi before connecting to the gas inlet on the machine.
3. The higher the pressure, the higher the force or velocity of gas will come out of the nozzle. High pressure can move the bag from the nozzle or the sealing bar or cause the bag to be crooked on the seal bar.
4. If bag contains powdery substance, the gas injection may cause the powder to expand and over flow out of the bag and into the chamber.
5. Gas flush function can be set from program P1 through P8 on the MVS X series machine.
6. During programming mode, each light will light up to accept the programming.
a. Vacuuming – picture with arrow pointing out of the package( left most LED light on the keypad)
b. Extra vacuum – using the same picture with arrow pointing out of the package
c. Gassing – picture with arrow pointing into the package
d. Sealing – picture of 2 triangles on top of each other at opening edge of package
e. Air release – picture of arrows pointing toward outside the package (right most LED light on the keypad)
7. The vacuum % must always be higher the gas %.The residual vacuum % between vacuum % and gas % should be higher than 60%. This is to ensure proper sealing of the package.
8. Example 1.
a. Vacuum 99.9%
b. Gas 40%
c. Residual vacuum = 99.9 – 40 = 59.9%
9. Example 2.
a. Vacuum 75%
b. Gas 15%
c. Residual vacuum = 75 -15 = 60%
10. Over-gassing will only waste the gas inside the chamber. Choose the lowest gas % possible to give the best pillow effect of the package.
11. Nozzle should be inside the bag and the bag holder under the lid should be over the nozzle. This will ensure the bag is pinched between the holder and the nozzle when the lid is closed.
12. The bag should also lay flat with no wrinkle and no fold-over on the seal bar for a good seal.

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