What is the position of valves during a cycle?


1. Lid switch or start button starts the vacuum cycle.

2. Control board sends signal to the vacuum pump to start pulling out all the air from the chamber.
a. The air release valve (normally closed setup) is opened to the vacuum pump and closed to the
atmospheric pressure.
- this is to ensure the final vacuum pressure is attainable
b. The seal valve (normally closed setup) is closed to the atmospheric pressure and open to the vacuum pump.
- this is to prevent the seal bladder from pushing the seal bar upward and pinching the bag

3. Vacuum sensor on control board receives final vacuum pressure and control board sends stop signal to
vacuum pump.

4. Control board sends out signal to seal valve and seal transformer for the set seal time.
a. Seal valve receives signal to open to the atmospheric pressure and pressure difference pushes bladder up and raises seal
bar against seal cushion.
b. At the same time seal transformer receives signal and energizes the seal wires to seal the bag.

5. Control board sends signal to air release valve to open to atmospheric pressure.
a. Pressure in the chamber and outside equalizes; spring in bladder retracts to bring seal bar down
Lid can be opened.

6. Control board sends signal to air release valve and seal valve to close for the next vacuum cycle.