How do I change the exhaust filter? (MVS 45 Series Only)

Tools needed:

  • 2.5 mm hex wrench
  • 10 mm socket wrench 
  • 5 mm hex wrench
  • Long screw driver
  • 7 mm socket wrench
  • Small mirror


  1. Remove the back panel using the 2.5 hex wrench.

  2. Raise and support the back end of the machine to about 6 inches.

  3. Remove the pump mounting bolts using the 5 mm hex wrench


  4. Carefully move the pump around to expose the exhaust filter cover.

  5. Remove cover and 4 bolts using the 10 mm socket wrench.


  6. Loosen the filter retaining bracket bolt using the 7 mm socket wrench and remove it.

  7. Pull the exhaust filter out along with the filters O-ring.


  8. If the O-ring is stuck around the port hole, remove it using a long screwdriver.


  9. Insert new exhaust filter with O-ring and reverse steps 6) through 1), using the mirror to align the pump mounting bolt holes together.

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