How do I complete a conditioning cycle?

The conditioning program ensures that the pump is thoroughly rinsed. During the program the pump and oil reaches operating temperature so that the oil can better absorb any moisture and contaminants and filter them. The high temperature enables any moisture in the pump to evaporate minimizing the risk for corrosion in the pump.


The program lasts 15 minutes and it is advisable to run it at least once a week. Turn on the machine, press the key conditioning program and close the lid. The program runs automatically. During the program the display will show moving dots. The program can be interrupted at any time using the stop key. It is important for the program to complete a full 15 minute cycle and advisable to only interrupt the cycle for something urgent.

X Models:

Use P09- Set the vacuum at 99.9% and Extra Vacuum to E30.

Run machine for 5-10 cycles to warm up the pump assembly and help burn off and filter contaminants. 

XP Models:

Toggle to the second page in program 1 by using the "S" button, where you will see advanced functions "VE SA CP AS SI IC LT" along the bottom of the display. Use the down arrow to highlight CP and press the left or right arrow key. This should add an "X" underneath the CP option. Close the lid and this will start a 4 minute condition cycle. 

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