Why is it important to change the pump oil?

During the vacuum process, the oil becomes contaminated due to moisture in the products packaged.

These contaminants can settle to the bottom of the oil, creating a wedge between the vane, rotor and cylinder.

This wedge will bind the pump making it impossible to turn and cause the pump to overheat or seize.


Oil, when compared to the cost of a new vacuum pump, is very inexpensive. Vacuum pumps require the proper lubrication to operate efficiently. During applications that involve vacuum sealing liquid items, some may hinder the condition of the oil by adding moisture or contaminants and reacting to process gases to form sludge. Regular oil monitoring, as well as regular oil changes can help prevent this. We also recommend running the conditioning program on a weekly basis or as needed. A conditioning program warms up the pump to operating speed in an effort to burn off moisture.










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