How do I flush the pump using flushing oil?

*Please make sure to drain current oil and replace drain cap before flushing oil is used.

Remove the fill cap. 

Add flushing oil until the level is at the half-way mark on the sight glass. Replace fill cap. 

Run the pump by either opening and closing the lid, or manually pressing the micro switch located at the back right of the chamber. 

After 15-20 cycles, the pump should be warm and the oil should have been circulated through out. The more cycles ran, the better the oil can flush the moving parts of the pump. 

If the flushing oil becomes thick or milky during this process, please drain and refill with new flushing oil. Once the flushing oil that is drained after completing a flush looks similar to the oil that was added, it is more than likely clean. 

Remove drain plug and drain flushing oil from the pump. Replace drain plug.

Remove fill plug and refill with operating oil. Replace fill plug and reassemble.