How do I reset the code "OIL" on the vacuum sealer?

  1. Open lid, turn main power switch to ON position.

  2. Wait a few seconds till the display shows the selected language.

  3. Press the S key to get to the configuration screen.

  4. Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to scroll down and highlight DIAGNOSTICS, press the S key.

  5. Enter the password "P45F" then press the S key.

  6. On the next screen highlight STATUS and press the S key.

    (After 6 seconds, if no key is pressed, the display will automatically go back to the configuration screen. Repeat step 4 & 5 if necessary.)

  7. Select CYCLES counter, press and hold simultaneously the LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys for 2 seconds.

    The cycles counter will automatically reset to 000000.

  8. Once reset, let the screen load back to the previous pages and wait until it displays the regular operations screen. Run a couple of vacuum cycles until you receive a message on the screen that says "Saving Data". Once completed, your machine has been updated and can now be used.

  9. Please check/change the pump oil as necessary. Before draining out the oil run a couple of cycles to warm up the oil.
    → How do I change the oil?

  10. Calibrate the vacuum sealer after the oil change to assure proper vacuum pressure levels.
    → LCD Display: How do I calibrate the vacuum sealer?

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