How do I change the impulse sealing blade?

  1. Loosen each set screw holding the sealing blade in the left clamp, center clamp and rear clamp. The brass piston in the left and rear clamps will snap back due to spring tension. Remove old sealing blade and check seats for wear. Replace if needed.


  2. Starting at the back, insert the new sealing blade into the rear clamp brass piston until it bottoms out. Caution: The sealing blade must make contact with the bottom of the brass piston and should not be stopped by the set screw.


    With your left hand, press blade about 6” into seat. While holding the blade in, place push the clamp piston forward 
    using an 8mm nut driver. The blade should move forward about ¾”. Release clamp and continue pressing blade into the seat.


  3. Using your thumb, bend the blade to fit inside the seat of the corner clamp. While holding the sealing wire in place, continue pressing the blade into the seat until it reaches the left front clamp. 


  4. Completely loosen left clamp assembly and continue pressing blade into seat. Cut sealing blade about 7/8” long past aluminum channel. Caution: If too short the set screw will not hold the blade. If too long the blade will pop out. Brass clamp must be 2mm from aluminum channel. Re-assemble left clamp and follow step 2) instructions. 


  5. Using a soft object such as wood, push firmly down on the center blade assembly and tighten the set screw. Caution: Improper set screw alignment can cause sealing blade to pop out during operation. 

    shrink-sealing-blade-5a  shrink-sealing-blade-5b  shrink-sealing-blade-5c

  6. Last, push rear clamp forward with 8mm nut driver and tighten set screw. Caution: Brass piston must be 2mm away from aluminum channel.

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