How can I troubleshoot the heater or thermister?

1. Verify that machine been on for at least 15 minutes.
2. Verify if machine is producing some heat or no heat at all
3. Verify that machine is in program P2 or above.
- if P2 or above, is the temperature LED lit up?
- if the LED is lit up verify temperature settings in program P2 is at least 75 in the display.

4. If temperature setting is set, the LED is still lit up after 15 minutes or still have heating problems, please
refer to section below to further diagnose and solve the problem.

1. No Heat or Low Heat
- confirm machine is in program P2 with a temperature setting of at least 75 in the display
- confirm heater flap cover opens properly
- confirm contactor KM2 is functioning properly and there is power to the elements
- ohm out both elements 


2. Error code E3 or temperature LED does not come on means set temperature hasn't been reached in
the set time of 15 minutes.
- immediately reset control panel by pressing program button P
- confirm machine is in program P2 and temperature setting of at least 75 in the display
- if error E3 reappears after 15 minutes
- possibly thermistor and 1 element has malfunctioned
- ohm out thermistor (Ohm value of thermistor is 1kOhm.)
- ohm out both elements (ohm value of each element is about 2 kOhm)

4. Error code E4 or temperature LED never shuts off means heater element temperature is higher than
800 degrees Fahrenheit
- reset control panel by switching off machine and let elements cool down
- confirm machine is in program P2 with temperature setting of 30 on the display
- confirm contactor KM2 functions properly (constant engaging and disengaging to maintain power)
- if error E4 reappears after 15 minutes or sooner
- thermistor has malfunctioned
- ohm out thermistor

1. Identify element with no

2. Identify element with thermistor and identify the thermistor blue and red wires.
3. Refer to Figure 1 and the wiring diagram below for element connection and wiring.

1. There are 2 heating elements wired in series. (Please refer to FIGURE 1 below.)
a. Lower element has 2 power wires.
b. Upper element has 2 power wires and a thermistor wire
- The thermistor wire has 2 ends which is blue and red.
- This built in thermistor controls the element temperature.

2. The wiring diagram below shows the elements EH are connected to contactor KM2. The thermistor wire from the
upper heating element is connected to connector J on the control board.


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