How do I install a single hole punch kit?

General Information and Instruction

Parts and hardware included in kit

Frame Bracket- 1
M6 X 40mm socket bolt- 4
Riser Bracket- 1
M6 X 10 mm socket bolt- 4
Puncher Arm- 1
M6 nylon locknut- 8
Puncher- 1
M6 washer- 8
Puncher Clamps- 2
Safety Spring- 1

Required tools for installation 

Drill gun Needle nose plier
1/4 inch drill bit (for drilling metal) Clamps
5 mm hex (allen) wrench Plastic sheet

Instruction (Refer to pictures for setup and mounting.)

1. Unplug machine and lay plastic sheet over the sealing section of the machine. Sheet is to collect
metal shaving from drilling the black frame.
2. Align frame bracket onto black frame and clamp securely. Insert 1/4 inch drill bit through the frame
bracket slot and drill into the black frame. (See picture below.)

single hole

3. Unclamp the frame bracket from the black frame and clean the drill holes and remove the plastic
4. Mount the riser bracket to frame bracket, slide the riser to the required position and tighten the
2 M6x10 bolts, washers and nuts.
5. Mount the frame bracket to the frame and the tighten the 2 M6x40 bolts, washers and nuts
6. Insert the safety spring on to the puncher.
7. Mount the puncher to the puncher arm using the clamps and 2 M6x40 bolts, washers and nuts.
8. Mount the puncher arm assembly to the riser with the 2 M6x10 bolts, washers and nuts.
9. Lower and hold down black frame until it touches the sealing section, adjust the puncher arm height
until the safety spring is compressed and the puncher is touching the packaging plate.
10. Tighten the 2 M6x10 bolts, washers and nuts for the riser to puncher arm assembly.
11. Adjust the puncher assembly on the puncher arm to the desired location and tighten the nuts and

hole punch2

hole punch3

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