How can I troubleshoot a conveyor movement issue?


1. Remove motor and gear box assembly from the motor shaft.
a. power up the motor and gear box assembly and check if the assembly is spinning
- if assembly is spinning freely, proceed to step 2
- if assembly is not spinning or struggle to spin, turn off machine and remove the gear box from the motor
b. power up the motor and check if it is spinning
- if motor spins freely, then gear box may be faulty
(PLEASE check the gear box to see it can spin freely. If it does not, replace gear box.)
- If motor does not spin, then the motor is faulty.
(PLEASE verify there is voltage going to the motor.)

2. Check if the chains and rollers assembly can spin freely
a. if chains and rollers assembly spins freely, then binding problem is most likely in the motor and gear box assembly
b. if chains and rollers assembly is not spinning freely or bound/stuck
- check if chains are lubricated
- remove chains and check if ilde shaft and motor shaft can spin freely
- if one or both shaft does not spin freely or is bound/stuck, then check the bearings
- lubricate or replace as necessary.

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