How do I obtain the best shrink and seal?



• Determine the incoming voltage to the machine
• Set the seal transformer incoming taps to 10% lower than the incoming voltage
Please refer to power chart for proper voltage measurement

Seal blade
• Ensure seal blade is properly installed.
Please refer to seal blade installation procedures.

Seal Time
• Set seal time to average time of 1.5 second +/- 10%
Use lowest setting that will provide a clean cut and a good seal.

Perforations and Heat
• Set microperforator to puncture film.
• Proper temperature will shrink but not melt film or cause holes around package
• Proper shrink time is set when the speed of air evacuation and the speed of film
shrinking is the same.

• Daily cleaning will help reduce buildup around seal blade.
• Film and packaged products can leave residue. Residue will cause inconsistent cut and seal.
• Residue will result in having to use a higher seal time.
Please refer to cleaning procedures.