Orders, Payment, Shipping & Returns FAQs


Orders may be placed by fax at: (714) 283-4268, or by e-mail at: orders@minipack-america.com

When ordering it is very important to include the following information:

  • Quantity
  • Item/ Part number
  • Model description (if ordering equipment)
  • Purchase order number -if applicable
  • Price for the item(s) being ordered
  • Shipping method
  • Billing and Shipping address
  • Contact information  (name, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • Special instructions or requests -if applicable

Providing our order processing department with the above information, will ensure accurate and prompt processing of your order.

When your order is received either by fax or email, you will receive a confirmation. This confirms we have received your order and will be processed. If you do not receive confirmation we urge you to call and confirm receipt of your order.

*See "Documents" tab on Help Center to locate the order form. It is listed under "Orders & Payment."

Most equipment orders ship within 1 to 2 days after receiving and confirming the order. If your expected ship date exceeds 48 hours we will notify you with the expected ship date.

We make every possible effort to maintain adequate stock and have updated stock information available for customers. We assume no responsibility for stock shortages or manufacturing delays. If an item is backordered, it will automatically ship out as soon as new inventory arrives. You will be notified if an item is backordered.

If the order is cancelled while waiting for stock to arrive, you must notify us immediately. Cancelled orders will not be billed, and there is no fee for cancelling an order. However, please note we cannot cancel an order once the order has shipped.

If a drop shipment is refused, a credit will be issued after the shipment has been received and evaluated by minipack america, inc. A 10% restocking fee will apply and the credit will not include any drop ship fees or shipping costs associated with the order.

All customers in California who are sales tax exempt must have a completed California Resale Certificate on file with Minipack America, Inc.

If a customer in California is not exempt, sales tax at the rate of 8.00% will be charged on all invoices.

If an out-of-state customer drop ships to their customer in the state of California, Minipack America, Inc. is responsible for collecting the sales tax to be remitted to The Board of Equalization. There are two options for this situation:

  • The out -of- state customer can be charged the sales tax on their invoice at the rate of 8.00%, plus a 10% surcharge since Minipack America, Inc is not selling to the end user, or The out-of-state customer can provide Minipack America, Inc with a copy of the invoice to the end user showing the amount of sales tax charged at the rate of 8.00%. In this case the same amount will be charged to the out-of-state customer on their invoice.
  • If the end user is sales tax exempt, they must provide a completed California Resale Certificate to Minipack America, Inc.

To request an update or status for an order, you may send in your request to: orders@minipack-america.com

You may also do so by calling (714) 283-4200 and selecting the appropriate extension.


  • All pricing is in U.S dollars; prices are exclusive of any applicable sales tax.
  • Orders are shipped F.O.B Orange, California U.S.A.
  • Payment terms for established accounts vary
  • New customers or customers with no established accounts, are set up with a prepaid account
  • For customers looking to establish an account we need: three business references and one bank reference
  • International accounts please contact our accounting department
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Wire Transfers and Cashier Checks are accepted

For more information please contact our accounting department by phone at (714) 283-4200.


It is your responsibility to report any loss or damage to Minipack America, Inc., as well as to the carrier, within 48 hours of delivery date. If a claim number was issued, please provide that information when reporting.

Save all the materials as the carrier may require an on-site inspection before the item is picked up and returned.

It is very important to open and inspect packages upon receiving for any possible concealed damage.

It is also important to make any notations on the receiving documents before signing the delivery receipt, if you think there could be damage or the packaging does not look secure.

            Minipack Logo

MX 2   MV22IE01   24" X19" X17"   65
MV 31X   MV31IE32   31" X 21" X 21"   102
MV 45X   MV45IE37   31" X 26" X 27"    202
MV 45XII   MV45IE38   25" X 31" X 28"   206
MV 41X   MV41IE35   37" X 26" X 26"   245
MV 45LXII   MV45IE74   31" X 34" X 51"   290
MV 52X 20M   MV52IE05   30" X 35" X 51"   365
MV 52X 40M   MV52IH05   30" X 35" X 51"   398
MV 50X   MV50IH32   30" X 34" X 51"   450
MV 50X 220V   MV50IA32   30" X 34" X 51"   450
MV 65X 63M   MV65IH37   36" X 39" X 51"   580
MV 65X 100M   MV65IH38   36" X 39" X 51"   632
MV 52X-DV   MV52IH12   63" X 38" X 46"   692
MV 620 LED/VACSMART   MV6200FB   63" X 38" X 53"   866
MV 840 LED/VACSMART   MV84000LR   69" X 51" X 54"   1428
MV 1100 LED/VACSMART   MV1100   106" X 52" X 57"   2141
DT 60   MDTS0060   31" X 31" X 52"   231
DT 100   MDTS0100   36" X 41" X 52"   297
REPLAY 55 EVO (RP 55)   MF32BA21   53" x 43" x 35"   280
FM 760   MF02IA85   54" x 38" x 33"   321
RP 85   MF35BH05   42" x 85" x 55"   530
MODULAR 50   MF08BH50   60" x 43" x 34"   398
MODLAR 70   MF13BH05   86" x 41" x 56"    639
TWIN TUNNEL 70   MF14BD40   80" X 49" X 69"   1065
TWIN TUNNEL 50   MF25BD11   76" X 39" X 69"   701
TWIN TUNELL 50 SS   MF25ID11   76" X 39" X 69"   701
MEDIA   MF17BH12   98" x 57" x 59"   755
56 MPE GREY   MF23BA56   117" x 60" x 78"   1540
56 MPE SS    MF23IA65   117" x 60" x 78"   1800
TUNNEL 50   MF09BD30   54" x 35" x 64"   520
TUNNEL 50 SS   MF09ID30   54" x 35" x 64"   520
MAIL BAGGER   MF99MB22   36" x 29" x 49"   320
OUTFEED CONVEYOR   KR990810   36" X 36" X 79"   143
MINISPENSER   MF99D104   23" x 25" x 6"   17
CART   KR450SS2   25" X 28" X21"   36

When a freight quote is requested from minipack america, Inc., a Quote ID valid for 15 days will be issued. This Quote ID must be included on your purchase order. This Quote ID does not include any additional service options including, but not limited to, Liftgate-Ground, Inside, Residential, Appointment necessary, or Limited Access Pickup or Delivery.

If you prefer to use your own freight company, please provide minipack america, Inc. with a completed/signed Bill of Lading, to include the “Bill to” and “Ship to” information, and Method of Shipment.

*Please note that when using your own freight company the freight agreement exists only between you and your freight company, and minipack america, Inc. is released from all responsibilities, including those associated with filing claims related to damage that may occur after merchandise leaves our minipack america, Inc. location.

We at minipack america, Inc. only honor freight quotes generated from our company.

If you have any questions or would like a freight quote, please contact our shipping department by e-mail at: shipping@minipack-america.com or by phone at (714) 283-4200.

Our Shipping and Receiving hours for deliveries or pick-ups are from: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Product Returns

Should it be necessary to return a product you purchased from us, please be aware that you must fill out a Return Merchandise Authorization Request. You can download this form in the Help Center under Documents > Warranty & Returns.

Please do not return items to us until a valid RMA# is issued by Minipack America, Inc. The form is only a request for an item to be sent in for evaluation. A valid RMA# does not guaranty the item will be covered under warranty. That will be determined after our technician inspection. When completing the authorization form, please include the reason for the return, date of purchase, purchase order number, and our invoice number.

Once the Return Merchandise Authorization Request is approved, you will receive a return authorization number with complete packing, shipping, and labeling information. Returned items must be shipped prepaid; items shipping collect will be refused.

Consumables are not returnable.